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Our Services

We help protect your real estate investment by offering complete gopher and mole trapping services.


Residential, Commercial, Agricultural or Municipal we have you covered.  Our service area extends from the Wichita, KS metro area westward along the Highway 54 corridor to Greensburg, KS.

You can choose between two service options:


Option 1: As Needed Service

To utilize our "as needed" service you call us when you see damage occurring on your property and we implement control measures. The fee structure for this service is that we charge a Setup Fee, which is based on your location, size of the property and severity of the problem plus a fee per animal removed. We do our very best to service every customer in a timely matter however subscription customers are prioritized in our scheduling. 

Option 2: Subscription Plan Service

Our subscription plan service relieves you from the burden of having to inspect your own property and then calling to schedule with us. With this 12 month service program you are automatically scheduled for a routine visit every 6 weeks (8 total visits per year).  We inspected your property and implement control measures based on the inspection results. Your property stays pest free all year long! The fee structure for this service is a flat rate per visit and is based on your location, size of the property and severity of the initial problem.


The Pocket Gopher

The pocket gopher is a destructive little creature. So named for the fur-lined pockets located on each cheek. With long claws for digging in the soil and large teeth for chewing roots they inflict a lot of damage to your property in a hurry. The telltale sign of the pocket gopher is numerous, closely spaced mounds that are typically oblong or crescent shaped. Their diet is exclusively vegetation. They excavate up to 2.5 tons of soil annually! Mating season begins in early spring (February/March), 45 days later 2-6 young are born and when they are 6 weeks old they leave to excavate their own burrows. This is how serious infestations happens!


The Mole

Moles differ greatly from gophers. They posses short powerful bodies, large front feet that propel them through their tunnels and their eyes are so small that they are nearly blind. The signs of mole damage is primarily raised tunnels and an occasional smaller, conical shaped mound. The tunnel will leave you property feel "spongy" as you walk on it. Their diet consists of worms and other invertebrates that live in the soil. The damage that moles cause is purely incidental in nature. The tunnels that they leave allow air to enter the root systems of plants causing the plant to die. This shows up as dead strips of grass and in flowering or vegetable plants dying without any other visual cause. Their mating season is also early spring and 45 days later they give birth to 3-5 young.

About Us



I'm Jesse Stucky and I am the owner of The Gopher Trapper. After spending most of my life on my families Registered Black Angus cattle ranch I found myself looking to do something different. In the fall of 2018 as I was sleeping I heard a voice that said "You should trap gophers!". As you might imagine I thought this was just a dreaming mind wandering playfully. But the thought just wouldn't go away. Trapping gophers and moles was a skill I already possessed but never thought to use as a commercial service. A few investigative phone calls later I discovered there was a true need for this kind of service! Thus The Gopher Trapper was born!


With the decision to start this journey all manner of curious and amazing things have come to pass to help me along my way. Just like any other aspect of life there have been challenges and growing pains too! I enjoy interacting with all of my customers, who usually become friends! To be in the service of others is the most rewarding part of what I do. That is the short version of The Gopher Trapper story.


I look forward to meeting all of you!


Jesse Stucky


Professional Gopher and Mole Trapping Service


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