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About Us



I'm Jesse Stucky and I am the owner of The Gopher Trapper. After spending most of my life on my families Registered Black Angus cattle ranch I found myself looking to do something different. In the fall of 2018 as I was sleeping I heard a voice that said "You should trap gophers!". As you might imagine I thought this was just a dreaming mind wandering playfully. But the thought just wouldn't go away. Trapping gophers and moles was a skill I already possessed but never thought to use as a commercial service. A few investigative phone calls later I discovered there was a true need for this kind of service! Thus The Gopher Trapper was born!


With the decision to start this journey all manner of curious and amazing things have come to pass to help me along my way. Just like any other aspect of life there have been challenges and growing pains too! I enjoy interacting with all of my customers, who usually become friends! To be in the service of others is the most rewarding part of what I do. That is the short version of The Gopher Trapper story.


I look forward to meeting all of you!


Jesse Stucky


Professional Gopher and Mole Trapping Service


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